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NewAir AD-250 25 Pint Review

Overall Rating:
4.4 out of 5 stars
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NewAir D-250

The NewAir D-250 25 pint dehumidifier has a very clean and compact design, and the controls are neatly situated at the top/front of the unit. Designed specifically for use in small rooms such as a bedroom, office or other personal spaces, the manufacturers have paid particular attention to the amount of sound it produces. It can be considered one of the quietest dehumidifiers in its price range.

Review Details

Something the D-250 offers that many dehumidifiers of this size cannot are the automatic defrost function and its ability to operate at temperatures as low as 41 degrees Fahrenheit. It will remove up to 25 pints of moisture in a 24 hour period, creating an atmosphere that’s not only dry, but is inhospitable to micro-organisms that can cause mold or mildew. This means the unit also offers health benefits to the consumer.

Weighing just over 16lbs, and fitted with easy to use castors, the D-250 can easily be moved from room to room, which makes it perfect if you have less than 25 pints of water to collect in any one room.

What We Liked

  • Ease of Use
    With the touch of a button, this unit will immediately set to work on reducing the amount of moisture in the air. It’s fitted with an alarm and indicator light to let you know when it’s full. It can also be attached to a drainage hose for further ease of use.
  • Low Temperature Usage
    Due to its ability to operate at very low temperatures, the D-250 will never ice-up because of the automatic de-frost option, and it will effectively eliminate the growth of mold and mildew that can be damaging to health.
  • Compact yet Powerful
    The NewAir D-250 has the ability to remove 25 pints of moisture from the air in a 24 hour period. Due to clever design, it will fit into any small room.
  • Totally Portable
    This model is fitted with both casters and an easy to use carry handle, making portability a breeze.

What We Didn't Like

  • Basic Features
    The D-250 does not come with timers or other additional features you may find with other brands. However the emphasis on this design is to make it small but powerful rather than add features consumers may not need.
  • Emptying the Tank
    Some have noted this model needs to be emptied pretty regularly. In this case, it’s prudent to check how moist the room is as a larger capacity model may be needed.


The D-250 by NewAir is compact and clean in design, to fit with just about any décor. The tank capacity will easily deal with smaller rooms in the home. It does have fairly basic features, but is fitted with a full indicator/alarm and can be used in conjunction with a hose for continuous use. If you would like features such as a timer and humidistat, you may wish to consider the SoleusAir SG-DEH model but this will cost more.

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Last modified: April 21, 2013 (Prices are updated daily)
NewAir D-250
Dimensions (L x W x H):
11 x 6 x 19.5 inches
16.25 lbs
Power Supply:
115 Volts, 60 Hz
190 Watt, 1.6 Amp
Minimum operating temperature:
41 ºF
Speed control:
1 year

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