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Misting Fan Reviews

Thousands of years ago the people of Persia were responsible for what could be considered the very first misting fan (called a windcatcher). Later, the Iranians took the technology and invented the evaporative cooler. Today, the technology behind misting fans is far superior, but the idea probably came from the Persians and the windcatcher.

For the most part, fans like this are used outdoors. They work by forcing tiny particles of water through nozzles at high pressure. With a fan behind it, a fine mist is created that almost instantly evaporates. This, in turn, cools the immediate area around it.… [ Read More ]

Misting fans are used in a variety of places. They can be mounted above the patio to create a cool area for people to sit whilst they eat. They are also used in places like loading docks in warehouses, and are even used on the sidelines of sporting venues.

The reason these fans are so popular is they give the same effect you experience when you get out of a swimming pool on a breezy but hot day. And the good thing is, you’re not limited to large fans of this type as many manufacturers also produce a personal fan that can be taken anywhere. [ Less ]