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Mini Dehumidifier Reviews

Dehumidifiers have been with us for as long as consumers demanded ways of keeping indoor air free of moisture. In recent years, the demand for portability and use in small areas has also grown, and manufacturers have responded well to this.

A lot of mini dehumidifiers do not need a power source, they work by using either salt or water glass crystals. These minerals have the ability to absorb moisture without any additional help. This means they can be placed in small areas such as wardrobes, window ledges or any other small spaces that suffer with the effects of moisture, making them incredibly versatile. … [ Read More ]

When looking for a unit like this, it’s wise to understand the technology used. Some dehumidifiers use salts to absorb moisture which can cause allergies, or be harmful to children and pets.

Gurin has an excellent mini bathroom dehumidifier that works by using crystals. It is very effective in absorbing moisture and comes with handy indicators for full (crystals turning pink) and empty (crystals turning blue). The unit doesn’t require any batteries or other form of power source.
The Eva-Dry E-333 mini humidifier is slightly more expensive and works in the same way, but comes with a longer 10 year life span. [ Minimize ]