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Micathermic Heater Reviews

Micathermic heaters are named as such because they utilize a mineral called Mica. The beauty of this mineral (when it’s used in conjunction with other elements within a heater) is it can produce a large amount of heat very quickly.

Some other benefits to using micathermic heaters is they’re lightweight, don’t get too hot to the touch, will not dehumidify the air and are generally very cost effective. This type of heater can be used in both residential and commercial properties.… [ Read More ]

Because heaters like this can produce their full capacity of heat in just a few minutes, it’s wise to look for models that have some form of temperature control. It’s also wise to look for safety features such as trip-over switches, especially if they’re going to be used in areas that have a lot of activity.

Soleus Air is responsible for bringing some of the most slim-line models to the market that doesn’t compromise on power. This also helps if you don’t have much space. Bionaire has some of the most lightweight models and they have additional features such as wheels and easy lift carrying handles.[ Minimize ]