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LG Air Conditioner Reviews

Founded in 1958, LG has quickly made a name for itself across the globe. The company is famed for its innovative approach towards technology and produces a simply massive range of electronics for both the home and workplace.

Their logo itself represents what the company stands for, meaning Life’s Good, and they consistently strive to do the best by their customers in terms of quality, design and affordability. There are not many people that don’t own some sort of electronic device made by this company.
Air conditioners are a small portion of the range they offer, but the excellence LG stands for hasn’t been forgotten. … [ Read More ]

The LG 8,000 BTU Window Mounted model is one of the best selling air conditioners LG has. It’s big on power but low on noise. This model will cool an area up to 315 sq ft, comes with remote control and a 24 hour pre-programmable setting, and has an innovative energy saving option.
The LP1200 Portable Air Conditioning unit has an output of 12,000 BTU, and can be window mounted if needed. It has an auto re-start and cools a room up to 425 sq ft.

The name LG speaks for itself. They offer excellent warranties and in some cases life-time guarantees. [ Minimize ]