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Lasko Fan Reviews

Henry Lasko is the man we have to thank for this company, he founded Lasko back in the early 1900’s. Initially his company was responsible for producing metal based products. However, he quickly moved on to a variety of home appliances.

Today, Lasko has a global presence and is famous for its commitment to customer service and high-end quality products.… [ Read More ]

Amongst their product range are fans, and one of the most well respected models is the 2554 Wind Curve Fan. This fan uses both oscillation and air ionizer technology. This means it can deliver cool air where it’s needed most and keep it clean. Its tower design also helps with air distribution. It has 3 speeds, all of which are very quiet, remote control and can be set to work between 30 minutes and 7 ½ hours.

The 3520 Cyclone Pivoting Floor Fan is also highly regarded. The aerodynamic blade combined with a swirling grill creates what can only be described as a cyclone type air distribution. The fan head is adjustable, and it’s very easy to carry.

Because Lasko’s products are affordable, readily available from major online retailers and come with excellent warranties, it’s no wonder they’re the number one choice for many people. [ Less ]