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Lasko 1843 Pedestal Fan Review

Overall Rating:
4.2 out of 5 stars
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Lasko 1843

Lasko has responded to the ever growing demands from consumers regarding their need for efficiency with the 1843 cyclone pedestal fan. It’s attractive in design and comes with many additional features that other manufacturers cannot boast in this price range. This model is very easily assembled and lightweight enough that it can be carried from room to room with little effort.

Review Details

One of the most discerning features about the Lasko 1843 cyclone pedestal fan is its versatility. It has three whisper quiet speeds, and an oscillating head which also offers a tilt-back option. This gives you cool air exactly where you need it without a high level of noise. The height can also be adjusted up to 54” tall so it will cool the largest of spaces in the home.

Additionally, this fan comes with a handy remote control which allows you to use all of the functions on offer. For energy efficiency and convenient nighttime cooling, this fan has a programmable timer which can be set at increments of 1, 2 or 4 hours.
Maintenance is also a breeze with the 1843. Simply remove the grille and dusty parts are easily accessible.

What We Liked

  • Cyclone Technology
    Lasko has made use of the latest in cyclone technology which means the 1843 pedestal fan produces cool air efficiently and quietly.
  • Versatile Operation
    With three speeds to choose from and a programmable timer, this fan offers some of the best versatility on the market today.
  • Ease of use
    Lasko has thoughtfully included a handy remote control which allows you to use all the functions from the comfort of your own chair.
  • Simply Assembly
    No tools are needed to assemble the 1843, the manufacturer has designed this fan so it will snap together and is ready to use within minutes.
  • Cool Air Where You Need It Most
    The head included with the 1843 powerfully oscillates and has a tilt-back option. Additionally, the height can be adjusted to 54 inches making it perfect for any size room in the home or office.

What We Didn't Like

  • Top Heavy
    Most of the parts on the 1843 are made of plastic which can make the fan seem a little top heavy when adjusted to the maximum height. This is because Lasko wanted to keep this fan as lightweight as possible.
  • Remote Control
    It has been noted the remote control with the Lasko 1843 doesn’t work very well when it’s more than 3 or 4 feet away from the unit.


Lasko has thought hard about the comments it has received from customers. When designing the 1843 cyclone pedestal fan, they have incorporated as many features as they can to make this model as convenient to use as possible. It’s very powerful (even on the lowest setting), and comes with many additional features other manufacturers cannot boast. For the price (between $40 and $50) we consider this a very good investment.

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Last modified: May 22, 2013 (Prices are updated daily)
Lasko 1843
Dimensions (L x W x H):
20.5 x 20.5 x 53.5 inches
12.25 lbs
Power Supply:
120 Volts
Diameter / Blade Span:
18 Square Feet
1970 Cubic Feet per Minute
Adjustable Height:
Adjustable Tilt:
Type of Fan:
Oscillate Mode:
Adjustable Fan Speed:
Yes, 3 speeds
Reversable Rotation:
Oscillate Option:
Antimicrobial Protection:
Energy Star Certified:
1 year

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