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Ionic Air Purifier Reviews

Ionized air purifiers are a relatively inexpensive way to clear second hand smoke. They are popular because they do not require replacement filters and are very quiet when operational, since they do not have in-built fans or motors. However, they are not as effective in removing dust or pollen, as these particles do not get eliminated completely.

Ionic air purifiers operate using a negative ion generator – hence the name. The generator sends a stream of negative ions to attract positive airborne dust and allergen particles. This makes these particles too heavy to remain airborne and they fall on the surface of the floor. … [ Read More ]

However, this basically means that the particles are removed from the air – but not from the room. Additionally, since most surfaces in rooms are positively charged, the ionic air particles attach themselves to these surfaces. This could lead to the appearance of dark spots in areas around the ionic filter.

Another variety of ionic air purifiers is equipped with a special electrostatic precipitator that traps particles on a metal plate. These need to be cleaned regularly to ensure that they work as efficiently as when they were new. Further, some of these purifiers release ozone into the air, which can pose a health risk.
These factors make them the second-most popular variety in air purifiers. [ Minimize ]