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Infrared Heater Reviews

Infrared technology has many uses and was thought to be invented by an astronomer named William Herschel in 1800. He actually discovered this technology by going through the colors of a rainbow using a prism and some paper. He found out that heat was present at its strongest once the point went beyond red light. Herschel termed this as calorific rays, known today as infrared.

As described above this is how the modern infrared, or radiant heater works. As the heater warms up it produces more radiation which, in turn, produces more heat.… [ Read More ]

The greatest benefit of this type of heating is it can be used to target a specific source. Many manufacturers produce infrared heaters for the home, but there are also those available for industry, and even heaters that have been developed to help us with sore muscles.

If you’re looking for heater of this sort, it’s worth bearing in mind the models that can do this are often referred to as radiant. Optimus and DeLonghi have managed to harness the use of infrared with their heating range and come at very affordable prices.[ Minimize ]