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Commercial / Industrial Fan Reviews

Many people think fans have been designed simply to cool the air, but they have lots of other functions as well, especially in industry.

Fans used industrially have a great many uses. They can clean vast amounts of air, are used to dry large areas, and can be used for ventilation. Because of the many functions industrial fans have, there are a lot of ways in which they will work.… [ Read More ]

For this reason, it’s important you know exactly what type of fan you need. For example, in a factory setting it’s prudent to look at models that are efficient at cleaning the air, because there can be a large amount of dust and other particles that need to be filtered out.

There are many manufacturers that build commercial or industrial fans. One of the biggest complaints is the noise they make. However, technology is constantly advancing and companies like Lasko and Optimus are continually bringing new models to the market. They pay particular attention to the features included, as well as developing a reduction in the amount of noise their models make when in operation. [ Less ]