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Hunter Fan Reviews

Founded in the late 1880’s, Hunters history spans two world wars and the great depression. Its earliest claim to fame was the first water driven ceiling fan, and it was soon being shipped as far away as India and Africa.

Today, Hunter prides itself on the beauty in their designs and their inherent talent for combining this with the latest technology.… [ Read More ]

One of the best selling Hunter fans is their Oscillating Desk Fan. This portable tabletop fan is made entirely of metal, has 3 powerful speeds, and is famed for being quiet. There is no assembly required, and it benefits from the Hunter nanotechnology blade coating which repels 50% of dust build-up.

The Summer Breeze Ceiling fan is also a popular choice. This model has walnut or medium oak blades and is classically finished off with an antique brass finish. It uses a whisper-wind motor which is one of the quietest on the market and excellent on energy saving. It can be mounted as standard, flush or at an angle.

Many products Hunter supply come with a life-time warranty, which proves how confident they are with the fans they sell. [ Less ]