Hunter Air Purifier Reviews

After earning immense repute in the ceiling fan industry since 1886, Hunter entered the air purifier segment in 2004. With air purifiers that combine great value and state-of-the-art features that are usually only found in more expensive units, Hunter became the biggest seller of small, inexpensive air purifiers with several models to choose from.

Hunter’s air purifiers are equipped with advanced filtration technologies such as replaceable true HEPA filters or cost-effective PermaLife filters. They are quiet, effective performers that remove dust, smoke and dander, making them the fastest growing line in the industry.
Hunter 30090 and Hunter HEPAtech 526 are two of the most popular models in this category.… [ Read More ]

Another benefit with Hunter’s air purifiers is that finding replacement filters locally is easy, even though they are slightly expensive. Priced at $48, spending a little more money on purchasing a brand new unit might be a better recourse to take. While some consumers feel that these air purifiers are noisy, people buy Hunter air purifiers because of their portability, lightweight and easy-to-use features and above all, the cost factor. [ Minimize ]