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Honeywell HY-048BP Tower Fan Review

Overall Rating:
4.4 out of 5 stars
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Honeywell HY-048BP

As would be expected of the Honeywell brand, the HY-048BP fresh breeze tower fan exudes the manufacturer’s exceptional ability when it comes to design. This model (which comes in black) is sleek, and very easy on the eye. It has all the features you would expect from a fan in this price range and more. The company has thought about the advanced technology available today in order to create the perfect cool and fresh environment within the home.

Review Details

One of the most discerning features about the Honeywell HY-048BP is the breeze function. On this setting, the consumer can expect to receive something not unlike a cool spring breeze in the comfort of their own home/office. Its’ equipped with powerful turbo generated blades that are highly efficient at moving the air, and the consumer benefits from oscillation technology.

You can expect 3 speeds and an auto 1-12 hour shut-off timer. For further ease of use, the HY-048BP also has a programmable thermostat, remote control with in-built light and touch button controls which are conveniently located at the top of unit.
Another feature definitely worth mentioning is the inclusion of an ionizer and dust/pollen filter which aids in the reduction of allergy symptoms.

What We Liked

  • Advanced Turbine Technology
    Honeywell have cleverly utilized turbine technology. When in the breeze mode, you will receive a fresh/cooling spring like wind.
  • Super Quiet
    No matter which speed this fan is on, it will not create a large amount of noise. This makes it perfect for quiet environments such as the bedroom or office.
  • User Friendly
    The HY-048BP comes complete with remote control which includes a flashlight (perfect for night-time use). It also has a touch button control panel with LED Display.
  • Breathe Easier
    With the inclusion of an ionizer and dust/pollen filter, this model will help to reduce allergy symptoms, and with continuous use, keep them at bay.
  • Easy on the Eye
    The HY-048BP fresh breeze tower fan is sleek and sophisticated in design, and will not look out of place in any room or any type of décor.

What We Didn't Like

  • Remote Control
    The remote control with the HY-048BP uses infrared technology. Some consumers have said that due to this, the remote can be a little sensitive in that you have to be very precise.
  • Stability
    It is possible to adjust the height of this model. However, the base can be a little unstable so this is something worth considering.


Overall, Honeywell has yet again surpassed themselves with the HY-048BP. This tower fan is not only attractive to look at, it also comes with many features other manufacturers cannot offer in this price bracket. It rates very highly on many online retail websites. Given the main function is to keep the air cool, the HY-048BP does this without any problem. Additionally, it will help keep the air clean. It’s also rated highly for quiet operation.

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Last modified: April 21, 2013 (Prices are updated daily)
Honeywell HY-048BP
Dimensions (L x W x H):
10.8 x 8.2 x 32.8 inches
12.2 lbs
Adjustable Height:
Adjustable Tilt:
Type of Fan:
Tower, Floor
Remote Control, Digital
Oscillate Mode:
Adjustable Fan Speed:
Yes, 3 speeds
Reversable Rotation:
Oscillate Option:
Antimicrobial Protection:
Energy Star Certified:
1 year

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