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Honeywell HCM-350 Germ Free Humidifier Review

Overall Rating:
4.7 out of 5 stars
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Honeywell HCM-350

With the Honeywell HCM-350 Humidifier you get everything you would expect from a humidifier and more. The HCM-350 will help relieve dry skin and other discomforts caused by dry air, it covers an area of up 360 sq ft, releases up to 2 gallons of virtually invisible mist each day, and is incredibly portable in that it will happily fit on a countertop, night stand or small table. It's easy to understand why it has recently been recommended by a well-known consumer reporting magazine.

Review Details

The Honeywell HCM-350 uses evaporative technology that you can set to the desired level of output, no more and no less. You may need to run it on high to reach the desired humidity level, but once you've reached that level, low or medium usually keeps the room evenly humidified throughout the day or night.

Unlike conventional humidifiers, the HCM-350 is equipped with the latest in germ free technology. The filter, which is antimicrobial, removes pollutants and minerals which occur in the water, preventing the build-up of long-term mildew and mold. It then uses UV light to kill all types of bacteria that can be released into the air, thus giving you nothing less than a germ free mist.

What We Liked

  • Quiet Operation
    The fan in the HCM-350 uses QuietCare technology which reduces the amount of sound produced up to 25% compared to other models in this price bracket.
  • Easily Maintained
    The antimicrobial filter used by Honeywell will keep the reservoir cleaner far longer than conventional filters. Eventually, when it is time to clean the tank, you can just put it in the dishwasher, it's dishwasher safe.
  • Ease of Use
    The water tank included with the HCM-350 is easily removed from the unit and has a flat bottom. This means no awkward filling at the sink.
  • Clean and Safe
    Due to up to the minute germ free technology, this unit will ensure the air within your room is not only well humidified but incredibly clean as well, thus eliminating allergy symptoms.

What We Didn't Like

  • No Hygrometer
    You can't measure the ambient humidity levels in your room without a hygrometer. However, Honeywell has omitted this feature in the humidifier, which means you have to buy one seperately (if you want to read humidity levels).
  • Replacement Filter
    The filter in this model can be considered a little flimsy. It’s very effective at what it does, but you will need to replace it frequently if you use the unit a lot.


Honeywell has an excellent reputation, and the HCM-350 doesn’t let them down. Considering the amount of effort that has gone into the germ free design, its ease of use and the fact it costs less than $60, it would be very hard to find another unit in this price range that can live up to its standards. There is very little negative that can be said about this humidifier and overall, it is well worth the money.

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Last modified: April 21, 2013 (Prices are updated daily)
Honeywell HCM-350
Dimensions (L x W x H):
10.39 x 18.58 x 13.03 inches
9.9 lbs
Power Supply:
120 Volts
50 Watt
Coverage Area:
360 square feet
Humidifying performance:
2 gallons per day
Tank capacity:
1.1 gallons
Operation time:
12-24 hours per tank
Speed control:
Yes, 3 speeds
Cool Mist:
Warm Mist:
Automatic Shut-Off:
Antimicrobial Protection:
Empty Tank Indicator:
3 years
Additional Features:
Germ Protection UV Treated Wick Filter

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