Honeywell Fan Reviews

The manufacturer Honeywell needs no introduction. Since the early 1920’s it has been consistently producing excellent quality products in the electrical industry, with continuous efforts to meet the ever growing demand from its customers.

Whilst the range of products they offer is highly diversified, they don’t compromise on the standards they’re known for.
It’s no different with the fans they offer.… [ Read More ]

One of the best selling fans is the Fresh Breeze Tower Fan. As the name suggests it uses turbo wind blades that create a spring like breeze throughout the room. The fan can be operated using a handy remote control or it can be set to shut-off on its own at certain intervals. The best feature with this fan is the ionizer which filters dust and pollen from the air.

The next best selling Honeywell fan is the Super Turbo 3 Speed, which is perfect as a table fan. With aerodynamic design, it efficiently moves air around the room. It comes with a wall mount option and a 90 degree pivot head.

Honeywell is a trusted brand and with free delivery, extensive warranties and money back guarantees, it’s no wonder they’re the first choice for millions of people. [ Less ]