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Honeywell Air Purifier Reviews

Honeywell – as a brand – provides products that guarantee quality and reliability. Although air purifiers form only a small part of their products, they are among the best options when it comes to purchasing electronic air cleaners. People who go for the best often settle on Honeywell.

They have also earned the reputation of manufacturing the most economical HEPA air purifiers in the market. On account of this “value” proposition carried by their products, it comes as no surprise that their air purifiers are widely sold all over the world. Other factors that have popularized this brand are portability, efficiency and the fact that you don’t need to keep replacing their purifiers. … [ Read More ]

The most popular Honeywell air cleaner is the Honeywell Enviracaire 50250, for its outstanding dust and smoke removal ability. The best selling budget air purifier is the Honeywell HHT-011.

The small coverage area of Honeywell air purifiers can be considered a minor drawback. Most of their air purifiers cover a maximum space of around 390 square feet, where some other brands provide coverage of up to 900 square feet. Further, the noise that accompanies the higher fan speeds on some of their models can also be irritating.
However, with 7 out of 10 healthcare professionals recommending Honeywell air purifiers to their patients, it is safe to say that they rank among the best in the business. [ Minimize ]