Holmes Air Purifier Reviews

Holmes is one of the leading manufacturers in consumer electronic goods, with air purifiers being their most important products. With over 30 years of experience in this domain, Holmes manufactures air purifiers in the entry-level segment, which gives them a large market share. Consumer Report 2009 reported that Holmes and Honeywell air purifiers made up about 40% of all portable and console units, making them the largest brands in the air purifier market.

The air purifiers manufactured by Holmes offer value, innovation and quality that is hard to beat. The most liked features of their air purifiers are the reduced levels of noise (by around 45%), the space saving designs that allow the unit to be placed against the wall, and technology that uses No Escape Vacuum Seal to maximize Clean Air Delivery Rates (CADR). … [ Read More ]

Holmes air purifiers are primarily geared for small room sizes and can be economical for people who need small air purifiers. The best small air purifier from Holmes is the HAP242-UC that works well in a room sized 109 square feet. Customers have mentioned that wiping it with a damp cloth every fortnight, produces best results.

Some concerns include the requirement of registering with Jarden (owner of the Holmes Group brands) for warranty coverage and the fact that for lower-priced models, the shipping costs outweigh the warranty claim benefits. [ Minimize ]