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HEPA Air Purifier Reviews

High Efficiency Particulate Air – or HEPA – air filters were designed to prevent the spread of airborne radioactive contaminants in the Manhattan Project of the 1940s. Initially they were bulky and difficult to operate, but today, their portability, durability and effectiveness renders them perfect for use in homes too.

HEPA filters trap particulate matter that cause health problems and purify the air. The best HEPA air purifiers are equipped with high-capacity pre-filters that remove the larger particles i.e. dust and dander, before they reach the HEPA filter and cause damage. These pre-filters enhance the efficiency and longevity of the air purifier. … [ Read More ]

Air purifiers equipped with an activated carbon filter that captures chemicals, gases and odors, enhance the quality of air even further. US Government standards require HEPA air filters to remove 99.97% of all particles greater than 0.3 micrometers, from the air.

When purchasing a HEPA air purifier, compare the size of the filters in all the models. Select the model with the largest filter size – the larger the size of the filter, the more particulates it will be able to capture, leading to higher levels of air purification.
However, these filters need to be changed regularly – usually between 3-12 months. Ensure that you check this aspect when making your purchase.
Top brands manufacturing HEPA purifiers are IQAir, Whirlpool and Honeywell. [ Minimize ]