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GermGuardian Air Purifier Reviews

The Germ Guardian range of air purifiers come from Guardian Technologies, developers of consumer products for mass retail. Their utilization of innovative, safe and completely natural technologies is the hallmark of all their products.

The technology that lies at the core of Germ Guardian air purifiers is their utilization of naturally occurring ultraviolet (UV-C). This UV-C technology produces rays that alter the DNA of the disease-causing pathogens, which in turn arrests the proliferation of bacteria and viruses. It’s no wonder this technology has found widespread use in sanitizing hospitals. … [ Read More ]

Models like the AC5000B 3-in-1 are quite popular because of the multiple levels of filtration, including a charcoal filter (that removes odor and smoke), a HEPA filter (that traps dust, pollens and dander), a PCO filter (that dissolves airborne bacteria and fungi) and the UV-C light bulb (that kills cold and flu-causing germs).
Perfect for room sizes of 100-800 square feet, the popularity of these air purifiers lies in their durability and the sound reputation of the company.

The benefits of GermGuardian air purifiers can also be gauged from the fact that there are no side-effects that are inimical to health, like the production of ozone. No chemicals are used in these air purifiers.
While some people found these air purifiers noisy, the sleek design of these purifiers at extremely affordable prices is hard to ignore. [ Minimize ]