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Germguardian AC5000B Tower Air Purifier Review

Overall Rating:
4.3 out of 5 stars
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Germguardian AC5000B

There are many air purifiers on the market to choose from, but the Germguardian AC5000B air cleaning system is one of the most effective available. It has a comprehensive filtration system that will keep the air free of all sorts of harmful particles, making it perfect for people that are prone to colds or flu and suffer with allergy problems.

Review Details

What makes the Germguardian AC5000B stand out from the crowd is the 3 stage filtration system. The charcoal pre-filter starts the whole process by capturing larger impurities such as pet hair and lint. This filter also helps remove annoying odors from pets and cooking as well as tobacco smoke. The air is then passed through a true HEPA filter.

At this point the air is cleansed so it’s free of airborne particles such as dust mites, mold spores, pet dander and pollen. Finally the UV-C light technology seeks out and destroys bacteria, viruses and other harmful germs that can cause colds and flu.

The AC5000B could not be easier to use, it has simple to turn control knobs will power the unit on/off and you can select one of 3 speeds.

What We Liked

  • Enhanced Filtration
    A 3 stage filtration system will create an atmosphere that’s free of harmful spores and will leave the room feeling fresh and clean.
  • Space Saving and Stylish
    With its tower design, the AC5000B will not take up much space. It has a very stylish design that will fit into any discerning décor.
  • Quiet Operation
    There are 3 speeds to choose from on this model and all of them are quiet, making this unit perfect for the bedroom.
  • Convenient and Portable
    The AC5000B is perfect for any room in the home up to 193 square feet. Its controls are simple to use and with a single button you can boost the power by making use of the UV-C light. Weighing only 10lbs, this unit also has a carry handle making it incredibly easy to move from room to room.

What We Didn't Like

  • UV-C Light
    The UV-C system does emit a blue light which some have said disturbs sleep. However, this is an additional feature on the unit and can be switched off.
  • Noise
    There are 3 speeds with the AC5000B and on its highest setting some have noted the noise is too much in a quiet room.


The name Germguardian speaks for itself, the manufacturer places a huge amount of emphasis on products that will keep indoor air clean and fresh. With the AC5000B they have managed to combine style with excellent air quality control, which will greatly reduce allergy symptoms and stop people from catching colds and flu. For the price, this model should be considered a bargain.

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Last modified: May 1, 2013 (Prices are updated daily)
Germguardian AC5000B
Dimensions (L x W x H):
2.5 x 7 x 28 inches
10.5 lbs
Power Supply:
120 Volts, 60 Hz
58 Watt
0.5 Amp
Suitable for treating:
Asthma, Allergies, Mold, Pet Dander, Odor, Bacteria, Viruses
193 square feet
Adjustable Fan Speed:
Yes, 3 speeds
Ozone Emission:
Digital Controls:
Filter Change Alert:
Energy Star Certified:
AHAM Certified:
3 years

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