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Gas Wall Heater Reviews

Gas wall heaters work by using convection technology and because of this, they’re famed for giving any room a warm, toasty feel. Some models are connected to a pipe that needs to be able to draw air from outside in order to burn the gas. These models also have pipes that remove potentially harmful gases from inside the building.

There are also ventless models on the market which use the air indoors to fuel them. These models should be equipped with a sensor that switches them off should the oxygen levels become too low in the room.… [ Read More ]

There are a few advantages gas wall heaters have over electric. Firstly, they give off a more even heat. Secondly, they will continue to work if the power goes off. Lastly, they’re much cheaper to run.
Aside from making sure your gas wall heater is properly monitored, it’s prudent to point out they’re really only efficient at heating one room at a time. They should also only be handled by a qualified professional.

Kozy World offers, as part of their range, a vent free gas wall heater that uses infrared. Procom also do a similar model that has the capacity to heat up to 1,000 sq ft.[ Minimize ]