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Gas Heater Reviews

The gas heater first appeared in 1856 and was brought to the market by a UK company called Pettit and Smith. Later, Sigismund Leoni patented a new model of gas heater that used asbestos to fuel a flame. These days of course, asbestos is not used and modern units are equipped with radiant heater type technology.

In basic terms a heater like this works by sending gas through a valve to fuel a flame, and the size of the flame is dependent on the amount of gas sent. Unlike heaters that use other forms of power, gas heaters generate heat almost immediately.… [ Read More ]

Although this type of heater can be fixed or portable, care should be taken with portable units. A unit like this will need plenty of ventilation because it produces carbon dioxide. If this builds-up, it will reduce the level of oxygen in the air. However, modern units are equipped with safety features to combat this.

Mr. Heater and Kozy World are two manufacturers that produce both propane and natural gas fuelled models. Both companies are famed for their vent free models, and other safety features they offer. Models from Mr. Heater are all CSA certified and come with a 2 year warranty.[ Minimize ]