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Garage Heater Reviews

One of the hardest places to heat in the home is your garage. Many people use them for storing cars, but they are also an additional space that can be used as a workshop or even a playroom. Whilst it is possible to insulate this space in your home, it will never be as air-tight as your main building.

This is why manufacturers design heaters specifically for garages. There are two main issues. The first is safety and the second is heat efficiency. Aside from these considerations, manufacturers have also kept durability in mind. Many models are made from highly durable materials that will withstand being knocked over.… [ Read More ]

Some of the most popular brands use infrared or fan assisted technology because they’re more efficient at heating a space quickly. Fuels such as gas or propane have to be thought about carefully. The reason for this is they can release harmful gases, so ventilation is highly important.

Optimus have a garage heater that can be wall or ceiling mounted to save space. Their models also use quartz heating elements that give off sun-like warmth.
Dimplex have models that are fan assisted and are equipped with delays which help use residual heat, making them very economical.[ Minimize ]