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Frigidaire FRA12EPT1 Portable Air Conditioner Review

Overall Rating:
4.3 out of 5 stars
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Frigidaire FRA12EPT1

The FRA12EPT1 air conditioner from Frigidaire is compact and attractive in design. It offers great versatility in that it has a cooling capacity of 12,000 BTU and also has a heating capacity of 4,100 BTU, making it perfect for all year round use. In rooms of up to 640 square feet in size, this unit will keep an indoor environment at a comfortable level no matter if it’s hot or cold outside.

Review Details

This model is not just efficient at keeping the atmosphere in your home comfortable; it will also help to keep the air clean and fresh. Fitted with an anti-bacterial mesh filter that reduces common household odors, removes bacteria and other potentially harmful airborne particles, you will be able to smell the difference in the room.

Ease of use as has also been thought about. The FRA12EPT1 has ready to select controls, casters and side carry handles which make moving it from room to room a breeze. In addition, you will have a full functional remote control included, allowing you to control/view the temperature as well as select the desired fan speed. Swing air direction control is also included for added indoor comfort.

What We Liked

  • All Year Round Comfort
    The Frigidaire FRA12EPT1 is not only efficient at cooling, it will also heat when it’s needed most. Add to this the dehumidification of 1.5 pints per hour and you have one of the most versatile units on the market.
  • Ready Select Controls
    This model couldn’t be easier to operate. From the electronic control panel it’s possible to set the desired temperature, select one of 3 cooling/heating speeds and set the 24 hour timer.
  • Cleaner Air
    Fitted with an anti-bacterial mesh filter, the FRA12EPT1 will remove bacteria and other airborne particles as well as reduce annoying odors making for a fresher environment.
  • Quiet Operation
    Simply set the unit to your ideal overnight temperature and it will quietly do its job without disturbing sleep.

What We Didn't Like

  • Continuous Fan
    Unlike some other models on the market, the fan on the FRA12EPT1 will continue to run even after the compressor has powered off.
  • Short Drainage Hose
    Some have noted the drainage hose is too short for the average window. In this instance, the unit will have to be raised from ground level.


Frigidaire is a well respected company within the air conditioning market. The mere fact the FRA12EPT1 offers the ability to cool the air as well as heat and dehumidify is testament to the fact the manufacturer is committed to bringing versatile products to its consumers. They have also thought about air quality with the inclusion of an anti-bacterial mesh filter. Considering the price tag, we think this is a very good buy.

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Last modified: May 10, 2013 (Prices are updated daily)
Frigidaire FRA12EPT1
Dimensions (L x W x H):
16.75 x 20 x 32 inches
77 lbs
Power Supply:
115 Volts
1380 Watt, 12.4 Amp
Noise level:
56 dB
Coverage Area:
640 Square Feet
572 Cubic Feet per Minute
Heater Mode:
Heater Type:
Auxiliary Heater
Cooling Capacity:
12000 BTU/h
Heating Capacity:
4100 BTU/h
Hose Type:
Adjustable Fan Speed:
Yes, 3 speeds
Remote Control:
Fan-Only Mode:
Air Direction Control:
Oscillate Option:
Air Filter:
Particle Filter:
Antimicrobial Protection:
Dehumidification Option:
Dehumidification Capacity:
36 Pints per Day
Automatic Restart:
Efficiency Ratio:
8.7 EER
Drain Option:
Energy Star Certified:
1 year

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