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Frigidaire Air Conditioner Reviews

Frigidaire’s roots can be traced back to the early 1900’s when an engineer by the name of Alfred Mellowes together with a group of investors formed the company. Their main line of manufacturing was refrigerators, and they were the first to hit the market, overtaking what was then termed as an ice box.

Today, they are well known for all sorts of white goods and have also stormed the market with their range of air conditioners.… [ Read More ]

The Mini Window Air Conditioner is one of their best sellers and has an output of 5,000 BTU, making it perfect for small spaces. It also comes with 2 way air direction control. Possibly one of the best features with this model is the mesh type filter which has anti-bacterial properties. It slides out from the side for easy cleaning.

Frigidaire also offers a portable air conditioning unit that will cool an area of 216 sq ft. it’s fitted with all the features of the first model but in addition has electronic controls and swing air direction.

This company offers some of the most affordable products on the market, with excellent warranties. [ Minimize ]