Friedrich Dehumidifier Reviews

Ed Friedrich, innovator and inventor, founded the company in 1883. By 1950 they became the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment, with an expansive line of air cooling and cleaning systems for both residential and commercial markets.

Most Friedrich dehumidifiers have precise humidity controls and a continuous drainage option to allow minimal user intervention. Programmable thermostats, timers and other efficiency settings can be used to conserve energy. … [ Read More ]

With 70 pints/day of moisture removal capacity, the D70AP is a powerful dehumidifier. The humidity level of this model can be set from 30% to 90%.
The D25BNP model is more appropriate for small spaces; it can remove 25 pints of moisture within 24 hours.

Friedrich’s goal is to provide consumers comfortable living at (an) affordable cost. Their dehumidifiers are easy to operate and have digital displays.
Some users complain about leaks, but this is usually due to an improperly installed drainage hose. [ Minimize ]