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Friedrich Air Conditioner Reviews

Friedrich was founded in the late 1800’s in Texas. As with many companies like this, their main-stream was originally refrigeration. However, they expanded into the air conditioning market and have since gone from strength to strength. Their focus has always been directed towards innovation in technology and design.

One of their most popular room air conditioners is part of the EER chill series. The beauty of this model is it can be installed through the wall or in the window, and the fan only operates when cooling is required. It’s also equipped with a technology called auto sweep, which gives a more even air distribution. … [ Read More ]

The PH14B portable air conditioner (which is part of the ZoneAire series) has a 24 hour timer. It encompasses a dual hose system which will cool a room up to 40% faster than other manufacturers.

With money back guarantees, extensive warranties and a commitment to their customers, Friedrich have proved they are a company here to stay. [ Minimize ]