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Floor Fan Reviews

Fans date back literally thousands of years. Many pictures of Ancient Egyptians depict nobility being fanned with objects that were made of gold staffs and comprised of “blades” made from bird feathers or palm leaves. Today, all manner of fans exist, and they come in all shapes and sizes.

Floor fans in particular use all the technology available on the market today. It’s possible to have industrial type fans that sit close to the floor, pedestal type fans that resemble something not unlike the idea the Egyptians had. The most complex designs are produced without the aid of blades. … [ Read More ]

However, all of them serve the same purpose and that’s to keep the air around us cool. Because the technology available is wide and varied it’s important you check what type will best serve the need you have. Price may be important, but functionality is as well.

One thing to remember with floor fans is they are designed to cool one room at a time, however there are a number of different power options to suit all sizes. Lasko produces both industrial and residential fans. Honeywell is one manufacturer that’s better known for the tower type floor model, which uses up to the minute technology. [ Less ]