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Filterless Humidifier Reviews

The development of filterless humidifiers seems to have happened as part of a natural progression in technology. Because humidifiers are not only used to help keep the air moist, but clean as well, many leading manufacturers have determined the filter is the one part that can let cleanliness down.

For that reason it is now possible to buy a humidifier that works without a filter. The more traditional models worked by trapping dust and other harmful particles in the air inside the filter. This eventually clogs up and needs cleaning. With filterless humidifiers this is not the case. These models use an electrostatic charge that completely eliminates any dirt particles.… [ Read More ]

This means the air around you is far cleaner, and stays that way. It also means the humidifier is much easier to keep clean and has a longer shelf-life as a result. When you’re looking for a filterless humidifier, you should make sure you check how large an area it will deal with, and how efficient it is on the energy it uses.

Honeywell, Vicks and Holmes are all manufacturers that have paved the way with this type of filterless technology. The models they have are incredibly affordable and built to last a life-time.[ Minimize ]