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Exhaust Fan Reviews

Most buildings these days are built with insulation in mind. This is great because it helps to keep energy bills down. However, the one downside is it doesn’t help with air quality. This is why exhaust fans are becoming increasingly more popular.

Exhaust fans are installed to a duct that’s connected to an outside wall. They work by removing moist and/or poor quality air indoors and replacing it with good quality air. This means people are less likely to suffer from problems that occur due to moist, dust particles, or allergens that are trapped in the air we breathe. … [ Read More ]

These type of fans come in various forms. Ceiling mounted fans will work by expelling poor quality air through a duct that’s installed into a roof. Inline fans work in the same way, but they can be installed into a mounting between ducts, making them perfect for places that don’t have enough room in the ceiling.

Panasonic is well known for the exhaust fans they manufacture and are famed for the lack of noise when they’re in operation. Air King is also a very popular manufacturer for people who are looking for a fan of this type. They work well in the bathroom or kitchen. [ Less ]