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Evaporative Cooler Reviews

The Persians or Iranians, as they’re known today, are considered to be the people that invented evaporative coolers.
Of course, times have changed dramatically since then, and the technology available today is far superior. But, the principle remains the same.

In simple terms an evaporative cooler works by evaporating water from a reservoir that’s installed inside the unit. It does this by first drawing in the air around it. Then, as the water evaporates, it significantly cools the air.
This type of cooler is actually becoming a more preferred method of reducing air temperature because it’s less expensive than, say, an air conditioning system.… [ Read More ]

One of the major benefits of having a cooler like this, apart from saving on energy, is that unlike Air-Con systems, you don’t have to keep doors and windows closed to reach a comfortable temperature inside. In fact, you should remember they need as much ventilation as possible.

The only slight disadvantage to evaporative coolers is they can send out a fairly stiff breeze, so sitting next to one can become a little chilly. However, units like this are normally used to cool large areas where people won’t be sat close to them. [ Less ]