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Eva Dry Dehumidifier Reviews

Eva Dry introduced the terms compact, reusable, and environment-friendly to the dehumidifier industry. With their patented technology, they are now the leading manufacturer of mini-dehumidifiers.

Because Eva Dry dehumidifiers exceed standard quality and offer high performance, their products are approved by United Laboratories and Certified Experts; two independent bodies for product testing and risk assessment. Their solution to mold, mildew, and moisture damage is a non-toxic dehumidifier which can last up to 10 years. … [ Read More ]

Portability, ease of use, silent operation, and prolonged service are the qualities that make Eva Dry stand out. The Model 1100 absorbs 8.00 oz. of water per day and can be used for areas up to 1,100 cubic feet. The Model 2200 can be used for bigger spaces up to 2,200 cubic feet in volume. This model absorbs up to 20.50 oz. of water per day.

Eva Dry mini-dehumidifiers are very effective, exceed the highest standards and have fair market prices. Aside from this, they are also backed with a full 5 year warranty – a sizable security blanket for consumers. [ Minimize ]