Essick Air Humidifier Reviews

For over 90 years now, Essick has been producing quality air humidifiers that use an evaporative technology; an environmentally friendly and energy efficient solution to air problems. The company prides itself on the fact that every unit is designed, engineered, and built in the USA.

Essick provides both portable units and whole house humidifiers. All the models they offer are clever enough to switch themselves off if they run out of water. Most models also have the option to automatically adjust the levels of humidity according to your needs. … [ Read More ]

For the whole house, the best selling model is the 427-300. This easy-to-use cool mist humidifier comes with casters for moving it around. And since there are no belts or pulleys, it’s very quiet.
The 5D6-700 is a multi-room model and has many of the same benefits as the whole house model. One of the best features with this is the 4 speed fan which has a night-time setting.

People suffering from dry skin and air-borne allergies often choose Essick, although an air purifier may sometimes be the better choice. But those are more expensive. [ Less ]