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Energy Efficient Space Heater Reviews

Space heaters are portable devices designed to heat one room at a time. They’re generally used as a replacement for central heating and can use all types of fuel such as gas and propane. However, electric is the more popular choice.

Gas and propane come with their safety issues because of the need for ventilation. This why people opt for electric even though it’s considered to be the more expensive option in terms of energy. Space Heaters come in many different designs, they can be portable or wall mounted, and gone are the days when they wouldn’t fit in with personal décor.… [ Read More ]

Energy efficient space heaters have not been overlooked by manufacturers when using electricity. Companies that manufacture them know how expensive this can be, and they’ve responded well by utilizing the latest technologies available.

For example, Lasko have many choices at affordable prices. They’re fitted with thermostats and use technology which means the heater will switch off when the desired temperature has been reached. Many of their models are also fitted with oscillation devices that help spread the heat further and faster. Honeywell have also worked hard to make their space heaters energy efficient with models that are self-regulating which helps keep energy bills down.[ Minimize ]