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Emerson Fan Reviews

Emerson was actually born 115 years ago, and first opened its doors as a manufacturer of railroad switching equipment. Some years later, it startled the public by producing the world’s very first desk fan.

Today, Emerson produces some of the most robust fans on the market. It has managed to combine the technology it uses with style, and their products are very easy on the eye.… [ Read More ]

The Eco Energy Star Indoor Ceiling fan is one of the most popular models, it combines excellent design and functionality. The fan has a steel finish which is brushed, opal matte glass and midnight Bordeaux blades. It’s one of the most energy efficient fans available, using just 17.5 watts of energy. An integrated light fixture and a LED remote control both complement the luxurious look.

The Prime Snugger Indoor Ceiling Fan comes in at a close second on the popularity stakes. It’s perfect for close to the ceiling fan needs and only hangs a mere 8” when installed. It has 5 reversible blades, remote control and has the ability for a light fixture.

Emerson is famous for its eye for detailed design, yet doesn’t compromise with technology. All of their products are incredibly affordable and come with excellent warranty periods. [ Less ]