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Electric Wall Heater Reviews

Electric wall heaters have a heating element installed inside them. When the electricity is turned on, a current it sent through to a resister which heats the element. The heat produced is then transferred to metal fins fitted to the outside of the heater and is released into the air.

The beauty of electric wall heaters is they use convection technology. The air above and below the fins is heated and rises to the top of the room. This creates a vacuum of cool air which is drawn in by the heater and the whole process is repeated.… [ Read More ]

Compared to traditional radiators, electric wall heaters take up less space, and because of the technology they use, they’re highly efficient at warming a room. They’re also very easy to install but this should only ever be done by a qualified engineer.

The only slight disadvantage with electric wall heaters is even the most energy efficient can be expensive to run. However, if you only need to heat a portion of your home, they are an ideal solution. Stiebel Eltron has an excellent range of heaters that are perfect if you want something that’s very quiet during operation. Broan is another manufacturer that’s famed for its sleek designs.[ Minimize ]