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Electric Heater Reviews

The general consensus of opinion is that Charles-Emile Ouellet was the first person to bring electric heaters to the market that were designed for the home. He started experimenting in the mid 1960’s and in the mid 1970’s he launched his first electric heater.

These days, electric heaters come in just about every form you can think of. They can be installed to heat a whole building, it’s possible to get portable, wall mounted, panel and radiant type models. All of them have their own specific benefits.
Energy efficiency is the one thing all modern heaters have. Manufacturers know how expensive electricity can be, and they do their best to make sure the heaters they produce are cheap to run.… [ Read More ]

Because of the vast amount of choice, there are a few things to keep in mind when you’re looking for one. You need to make sure you have a power source close by the heater. You should also pay attention to safety. Many electric heaters get very warm when in operation so, you need to be careful about covering them.

Lasko and Optimus are two manufacturers that are considered to be market leaders. They use the latest technology and have excellent safety features.[ Minimize ]