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Delonghi Dehumidifier Reviews

DeLonghi’s goal is to be the global market leader in kitchen and homecare products. This ambition and their Italian heritage make it possible for them to operate with an entrepreneurial energy and an understated style. As a result, they manufacture elegant products which bring joy to the users.

DeLonghi products offer special features to make consumer experience better and more fulfilling. Their best selling dehumidifiers, for instance, have a patented pump system which drains water in three ways – through a pump, a 3 feet hose, or by manually emptying the tank. … [ Read More ]

The DD50P model removes 50 pints of water per day and is equipped with a timer that can be set for a 24-hour operation. The DDSE30 model is more portable. It collects 30 pints of water per day and it has an anti-freeze function which allows it to operate in basements or other rooms with low temperatures.

DeLonghi dehumidifiers have strong fans that can effectively circulate air, but they only have two fan speeds – high and low. Most users consider this a disadvantage.
The big plus however is that each dehumidifier is qualified by Energy Star for being energy efficient.[ Minimize ]