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Cool Mist Humidification

cool mistCool mist humidifiers work best in areas that have hard water, because the wick and filter of the machine are less prone to getting buildup from hard water than other machines.

These machines also trap the minerals in hard water so that they don’t get into the air that you breathe.

They are also safe for children, who can get burned from warm mist machines and the vapors they produce. That means you can leave it on all night in your child’s room without worrying about any painful accidents.

Those who suffer from allergies and asthma say that cool mist machines make breathing easier than warm mist models. If you have trouble breathing in a sauna, for instance, you should probably opt for a cool mist machine.

These models come in many sizes, from those that can hook up to your heating duct work to those that are floor units or room-sized models.

Finally, these machines cost a little less per liter than warm mist machines because they do not have a heating element. That also means that they use less energy.

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