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Pros and Cons of Convection Heaters

The general and basic description of how a convection heater works is that it relies on the circulation of air within the room to heat the room. Air is blown over a heating element and then re-circulated.

These are the factors that decide for or against them…

  • They are excellent at heating an entire room over an extended period of time.
  • They warm a room much more quickly due to air moving constantly.
  • Their heating element is covered by other parts, so even though these heaters get hot, they can’t burn you.
  • They usually cost less than radiant heaters.


  • These machines act in response to moving air. If a cold draft comes into the machine, then it takes longer to heat a room because the re-circulated air will not be as hot as other air in the room.
  • Because they use fans, these heaters can overheat if the fan fails. If you have a model with any plastic in it, it will melt if overheating occurs.
  • Objects anywhere near this heater, especially above them, can block the air flow in and out of them.
  • There is higher energy loss with these machines because they push hot air up to the ceiling.

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