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Convection Heater Reviews

Convection heaters work much the same way as an oven, but in the case of heaters the warm air is pushed out into the atmosphere. Initially the heat will rise directly above and causes the air to expand. When this happens cooler air is pulled in by the heater and the whole process starts again. Whilst many heaters like this are built to heat large rooms, it is possible to buy portable forced air convection heaters.… [ Read More ]

However, it’s wise to note that with forced air models a fan blows air directly on to a hot element, thus creating heat. Safety issues can arise with models like this because the element is sometimes exposed, enhancing the risk of fire. Many manufacturers have taken note of this risk and offer additional safety features to help combat the problem.

Mr. Heater is a manufacturer worth mentioning because they have a popular convection heater that works with propane. It heats up to 1,900 sq ft, making it one of the most proficient commercial heaters on the market. Crane produces indoor convection heaters that are famed for their quiet operation.[ Minimize ]