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Commercial / Industrial Dehumidifier Reviews

A man by the name of Willis Haviland Carrier discovered that circulating air over cold pipes not only cooled the air, but also removed moisture. Since then, dehumidifiers and air conditioner systems are very closely related in terms of technology. This goes especially for industrial dehumidifiers, because they tend to be bigger and more alike to HVAC systems.

Although the basics are still there, technology has moved on. In simple terms dehumidifiers now have a fan that draws moist air in, and then put it through a refrigeration process so it becomes liquid. While conventional dehumidifiers then collect the water in a reservoir, industrial dehumidifiers usually drain the water, either with the help of gravity or pumps. … [ Read More ]

Commercial dehumidifiers are designed to cover larger areas, and having a unit of this size negates the need for several units that are strategically placed. However, in some cases, it may be more cost effective to have two small units rather than one large one. Power consumption is something else that should be considered.

Noise can be an issue with units like this, but there are many manufacturers that have addressed this problem. Most notably Ebac – their model AD850C is one of the quietest commercial units on the market, as is the Dri-Eaze CMC100. [ Minimize ]