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Commercial Air Purifier Reviews

The residential air purifier can work for small businesses which have a few employees and small facilities. However, larger industrial facilities with larger spaces, more people, air flow systems and different kinds of air contaminants require heavy duty air purifiers.

Models with electrostatic plates are quiet, cost-effective and energy efficient. Other filter options include HEPA, activated carbon and various VOC blends, which while being effective also require a regular filter replacement.
Unlike residential air purifiers that purify the air from allergens, dander, molds, dust etc., commercial air purifiers can purify the air from various gases and advanced microorganisms as well.… [ Read More ]

Commercial air purifiers used in medical facilities cleanse the air with several filters that are attached to a central air filtration system. An ideal combination like UV light, HEPA filters and electrostatic precipitation can filter dust, dander, pollen, viruses etc. Carefully controlled environments like cleanrooms also use a similar combination of filters to minimize all particles, microbes and contaminants.

If purchasing an industrial air purifier, consider factors like the space you want to clean (i.e. one room or the entire premises), the layout of your facility (i.e. single story or multiple stories), the availability of a HVAC system, and of course, the budget available.
The most popular brands of commercial air purifiers are IQAir, AllerAir and Honeywell.[ Minimize ]