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Ceramic Heater Reviews

Ceramic heaters work by utilizing various plates that are connected to coils within the heater. The coils are heated by way of an electrical current, and the heat is passed through to the plates. What makes a heater like this so efficient is they don’t need as much energy as a conventional heater to produce the same amount of warmth.

Because of the technology used, heaters like this very quickly warm the air and are more proficient at distributing the heat they produce. Ceramic is used not just because it’s very good at holding heat, it also doesn’t become as hot as other technologies, which makes these heaters very safe to use.… [ Read More ]

Many models of this sort are equipped with thermostats and fans. Fans help push the heat into wider areas. Fans can also be used to help cool the plates once the heater has been switched off. It’s also prudent to look for other safety features such as trip-over switches.

Ceramic heaters come in all shapes and sizes. Design hasn’t been forgotten either. Honeywell is one manufacturer that produces one of the most energy efficient on the market. Lasko has also been revered for this along with designs that will fit any indoor décor.[ Minimize ]