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Ceiling Fan Reviews

It’s widely believed that Philip Diehl invented the ceiling fan in the late 1880’s. He then spent the next 10 years refining his invention, by adding lights and making the motor smaller.

Ceiling fans started to appear around the same time electricity became more widely available. Since then, technology has consistently improved on the original models.
Today, aesthetic design is just as important as functionality. Many manufacturers produce models that not only have the latest features, but will fit with any type of indoor décor. … [ Read More ]

Ceiling fans work by electrically rotating blades so the air in the room is circulated. This in turn creates a cool breeze and a more comfortable environment.
When looking at purchasing a fan like this, it’s important to make sure the blades can rotate safely. Energy efficiency is also high on the check list.

Westinghouse, Casablanca and Hunter are just three of the brands that have managed to capture both design and technology with their ceiling fan models. They are held in high regard within the industry.

The most beautiful models may cost a bit more, but it’s important to remember that a fan like this will cost far less to run than air conditioning. [ Less ]