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Ceiling Fans with Lights

It may surprise many people to know that ceiling fans with lights are not a new invention. Of course, over the years there have been many modifications to the original design, but the basic functions remain the same.

The best thing about these type of fans is that they negate the need for two separate installations. And just like with regular lamps, ceiling fans like this are not limited to the type of lighting they use. It’s possible to have energy saving bulbs or even halogen. … [ Read More ]

They come in many different designs to fit all types of décor. Like all fans, ceiling fans have rotating blades that move the air around a room in order to create a cooling breeze. The difference with a ceiling fan with lights is it’s possible to incorporate both a fan and lighting.

Hunter and Westinghouse have both made a name for themselves within this marketplace. They produce very safe models and unique designs to suit all tastes. [ Less ]