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Casablanca Fan Reviews

Casablanca isn’t just famed for the quality of fans it manufactures, it’s also known for the meticulous attention to detail when any fan is designed. Their products are beautiful to look at and highly functional.

The Holliston 60 inch Ceiling Fan is one of the most popular fans. It comes in a brushed cocoa color, and has reversible walnut blades which will bring a rustic feel to any home. It has a permanent DC motor which is about 5 times more efficient than the average motors used by other manufacturers. … [ Read More ]

The Four Seasons III 42” Ceiling Fan is also a top choice amongst consumers. As would be expected, it’s finished to the highest quality in terms of design and will compliment any room in the home. It has reversible walnut and antique oak blades, is easy to install and very efficient.

Casablanca prides itself on the development phases each of its fans goes through, and no model will reach the marketplace until it’s been rigorously tested. They’re focused on not just bringing to the market something that’s built to last, their fans are also meant to complement any décor in the home. [ Less ]