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Box Fan Reviews

A box fan is named as such because it’s square in shape. Most models come with open slots situated at the back and front, which allows air to be drawn in from one side and released at the other. It’s used to circulate the air indoors to keep it cool, but it can also be used to help eliminate odors.

The beauty of box fans is they can be placed on an open window ledge, similar to air conditioning units. If they’re placed with the front facing out of the window, they will draw warm air away from the room. Placed the other way around, they will do the opposite. … [ Read More ]

A fan of this type is normally used in residential buildings but can also be used in small workspaces. However, box fans should only be used for one room at a time, so it’s important to understand the amount of space they will adequately cover.

Lasko and Holmes are amongst the most popular box fan brands on the market. [ Less ]