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Battery Powered Heater Reviews

When battery powered heaters first appeared on the market, around the mid 1960’s, they were fairly bulky devices simply because of the size of battery required to operate them.
These days, heaters like this are just as lightweight and portable as any other heater. The main reason for this is that manufacturers have worked very hard to create much smaller batteries without compromising on the power produced.
The biggest benefits to a heater like this is of course the fact that they can be taken anywhere with you, because it doesn’t need to be connected to a power source.… [ Read More ]

The one thing to bear in mind when you buy a heater of this sort is to check how long the battery will last without the need for a re-charge. The market is such today that you will find many of the features that come as standard with alternatively powered heaters.

Power options can be as high as 1500 watts, and Lasko is one manufacturer that produces a model with this capability. Their range also includes adjustable thermostats and automatic cut-off switches. Perhaps one of the most innovative designs is from Mr. Heater which manufactures a vent free blue flame model.[ Minimize ]