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Bathroom Heater Reviews

Many people have central heating in their homes, but bathrooms are often forgotten about. Yet manufacturers have recognized a demand for heaters specifically designed to work in a bathroom. Many years ago it would have meant installing a radiator, but these days it is possible to have a portable heater.

Some bathroom heaters can be wall mounted, but you can also buy those that are free-standing. Most of them run using electric which, oddly enough, is the safest option. The most popular models work by using fan assistance, which helps warm larger areas much more quickly.… [ Read More ]

There are also models available that have pre-heat timers. This means you can set them to come on before you need to use your bathroom.
Safety is of obvious importance. If you’re using a portable bathroom heater, it’s worth checking for cut-off switches and safety plugs.

Holmes is possibly one of the most well revered manufacturers. They sell bathroom heaters at very reasonable prices and have made safety one of their number one priorities. Seabreeze is also a very popular make, and the models they offer can be free-standing or wall mounted.[ Minimize ]